Attorney Rob Corry's Comments on Sen. Romer's State Bill

The Cannabis Therapy Institute reports:

Attorney Rob Corry today released his 12-page initial analysis of Sen.
Romer's 39-page bill to regulate the medical marijuana industry in
Colorado. Corry correctly states that Romer's bill "cannot be supported by
any serious patient or caregiver in Colorado's Medical Marijuana
community." Corry says Romer's bill would "significantly increase costs to
patients, thereby placing the most vulnerable of them in danger" and
"reduce the selection and consistency of medicine, driving most of the
supply back to the dangerous criminal underground."

Click here to read Rob Corry's letter in its entirety:

Click here to read Sen. Romer's bill:

Corry continues, "This community is not opposed to reasonable regulations
designed to help patients, but will oppose those that will restrict supply
or quality."

The Cannabis Therapy Institute concurs with and supports all of the
conclusions made by Rob Corry in his letter to Senator Romer, dated January
7, 2010.

Click here to contact your state senators and representatives and express
your concerns about the bill:

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