Jack Herer Continues His Fight to Educate the Public on Hemp and Cannabis!

Cannabis Classroom – Jack Herer’s Online School Of Cannabis Hemp – Opens Spring 2010

Jack Herer is surely a man who needs no formal introduction. A true hero amongst the Cannabis community and author of the greatest selling Hemp book of all times, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, Jack Herer has absolutely paved the way for the re-education of mankind about the truth regarding Cannabis Hemp. Even while resting and recovering from yet another heart attack, Jack is still on a mission to educate as many people as possible and help bring an end to marijuana prohibition. Luckily, with the help of Jack’s family and a few of his loyal followers, that mission continues!

Cannabis Classroom – Jack Herer’s Online School of Cannabis Hemp will open its doors in the Spring of 2010 and will start allowing a limited number of students around the globe to enroll. Cannabis Classroom is dedicated to the proper re-education of their students by providing an interactive online learning experience with an entire community of support. Getting the facts straight about Cannabis Hemp, students will be exposed to relevant information in relation to the History of Cannabis / Hemp, Cannabis Medicine / Science, Cannabis Law / Prohibition / Politics, Cannabis Cultivation and Cannabis Cooking. By completion of his or her training, the student will have gained an appreciation and deep understanding about Cannabis Hemp.

(POSITIONS AVAILABLE – Cannabis Classroom currently has a few amazing positions available for those interested in becoming Staff Instructors as well as the chance for all others to sign up as an Affiliate and earn commissions on those who may enroll.)

Cannabis Copilot, one of Cannabis Classroom’s co-founders, had this to say… “It’s all to raise awareness about this amazing plant while offering tremendous value to our wonderful community as well as to raise money for a few great causes.”

The founders of Cannabis Classroom have even agreed to give a percentage of their annual profits to a few different charity organizations whom are also dedicated to making a change on this green earth.

The free ‘Cannabis Crash Course’ is one of the ways in which they plan on providing great value to the community while spreading the word about Cannabis Hemp. This handy little Free Hemp Guide covers everything from the basic history of Hemp & how Cannabis has been used throughout each generation, to cultural industry icons such as Cheech & Chong, Jack Herer, Captain Ed Adair and of course High Times Magazine. Also touching on all of the different methods of medicating such as pipes, vaporizers, and even THC strips and sprays… The ‘Cannabis Crash Course’ is surely a must have!

Therefore, we encourage everybody to go and gain their 100% FREE access to ‘Cannabis Crash Course’ right away, which can be found online at www.SchoolOfHemp.com

For additional information contact: Admin@SchoolOfHemp.com


Harry said...

Who are these people using Jack's good name for profit?

Thieves? Cons? Cheats? They don't identify themselves and show that they have Jack's permission to use his name and likeness.

Jack is (hopefully) slowly coming back from being on death's doorstep and I don't think he has given his blessing to this enterprise...

Kara Bear said...

Actually Harry this one is legit!

I happen to personally know the founders, Josh and KC who have worked their tails off on this!

Unlike all of the others out there who are using Jack's name for personal gain, these guys are doing all of this FOR JACK!!! (BTW Jack is 1/2 owner)

So they are definitely not crooks or cons or anything like that. Just loyal hardworking supporters of Jack.

Also, I believe that Jacks son Mark has been granted control over all of his fathers business affairs and has given his blessing!

Just thought you should know :o)

ps - you should listen to the school of hemp radio at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/schoolofhemp where Josh talks with Linda Werner of Substance Clothing and Melissa Balin, the director of The Emperor Wears No Clothes the film... All of whom are very close to Jack.

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