Babah Fly - the Electro Sufi Has Arrived

Babah Fly is a TRUE Denver All-Star. The "Fly Jedi" as many know him has been a staple of the Denver Hip Hop music scene for over a decade with such groups as Bug-a-Boo, 5 Points Plan, Babah Wird and most recently, the Denver Avengerz. However it seems with all of these accomplishments, Matt Kelly aka Babah Fly had never put out a solo project - until now. It is apparent in listening to Babah Fly's new solo album, Electro-Sufi, that this venture was a long time coming. The sound is dense, rich and definitely has an accomplished vibe. Many of the tracks are unconventional and even one might say, futuristic - a sound Babah calls Electro Hip Hop. There are several guest appearance by local notables such as Mike Wird, Apostle, Panama Sowetto, and Comatoast but all in all, Babah holds center stage. Apart from being a gifted emcee, Kelly is also an accomplished producer putting in the majority of the production on the album.

Recently we caught up with Babah Fly at the Shag Lounge at the Electro Sufi release party.

Q. Give us a quick reflection of your music?
A. My music is a reflection of my life experiences. I put a lot of time and purpose into the music that I do. Ultimately, I want the music to resonate deep to the core, transcending all barriers. I make music for all people, young and old.

Q. How has hip hop enriched your life?

A. Hip-hop taught me how to levitate my body thru breakin’. MCing taught me how make the spirit in things levitate with words and rhythms. I've been producing for about 20 years. It has enabled my soul power to shine bright! I raise children to it and we prosper

Q. Define "Electro Sufi”.
A. Electro-Sufi is my take on the parallels of ancient mystical
cultures like Sufism to the culture of Hip-Hop, from the thought
and dance and the purpose behind it. From Rumi to Rakim!

Q. What is the overall message in your music?
A. I just want to remind people to wake up and live!
My message is simple: life is a blessing so live it up!

Q. How can the public purchase your album?
A. You can listen and purchase Electro-Sufi on the web
at,, and
In the Denver/Boulder area I got it at Twist-N-Shout,
Albums on the Hill, The Gypsy House and Indy Ink.

Q. What is the next step for Babah Fly?

A. I just recorded a real fresh album with my band The
Denver Avengerz. That should be coming out soon. I'm
working on an album with Panama Sowetto and another
album with Mike Wird!

Interview with Babah Fly for Most Hi by Lawrence Javier

Support Local Arts and be sure to pick up Electro Sufi this Holiday Season!!

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