Secret Tape: Marilyn Monroe Smoking Pot - Costs Collector $275K

Photo: Screen grab of never-before-seen Marilyn Monroe footage, courtesy of Keya Morgan.

LOS ANGELES (CBS/KCAL) Documentary filmmaker Keya Morgan has uncovered a never-before-seen home movie clip of the late Marilyn Monroe, which according to the person who shot it, shows the siren smoking pot.

It's difficult to confirm the claim from watching the film in which Monroe appears to be smoking a cigarette in the conventional way.

Morgan, a NY-based collector who has been working on a documentary about Monroe's death, says he paid $275,000 for the clip.

He plans to put it up for auction on eBay later this week.

The film was reportedly taken by a friend of Monroe's sometime in the late 50s. The Monroe friend, who is only identified by the name "Gretchen," retains the copyright.

In addition to showing Monroe smoking, it also shows her relaxing on a couch, laughing and smelling her armpit.

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