Judge Says County Sheriff Must Return Medical Marijuana

The Oregon Court of Appeals has ruled that the Douglas County Sheriff's office was wrong not to return medical marijuana to three patients. Kristian Foden-Vencil reports.

Three years ago, the sheriff raided the Dixonville home of Dwight Ehrensing. He grew pot for people who take the drug under the state's Medical Marijuana Act.

But the police found a 120 pound stash and accused Ehrensing of selling it to people who didn't have Medical Marijuana cards.

Three users who did have cards asked for their drugs and the then Douglas County Sheriff, Chris Brown, refused.

He told Douglas County Judge, William Lasswell, that giving the drugs back would violate federal laws prohibiting the delivery of a controlled substance.

Judge Lasswell rejected that argument and ordered the sheriff to give the drugs back. He said he had empathy for the patients and the pain they were enduring. None of them was accused of a crime.

Brown and the Oregon Department of Justice took the issue up to the Oregon Court of Appeals. But that court has now agreed with Lasswell.

source: OPB News


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