Miss High Times from Colorado


age: 20

location: Denver, Colorado - mile high baby!

country: US

occupation: Boulder Holistic Solutions-A Patient Caregiving Service

Hey there! My name is Brittany and I'm from Denver, Colorado! Once you meet me, you will never forget me, for sure! I'm always at "Mile High" level with "Mile High NORML"- check them out at www.milehighnorml.org. Those of you that live in Denver/Boulder or have visited know that this is THE marijuana capitol of the United States! We even have one of the best radio shows, "Marijuana Radio" please feel free to listen in at www.marijuanaradio.com/news/.

I'm a Sagittarian who loves to smoke and listen to trance music! I also love hanging out with my buds (both kinds!- ha ha). Some of my favorite things to do are spinning lights (check my blog for photos!), meditating, hitting my bong, working out, and chillin' with my chinchilla.

I believe that being Miss Hightimes is more than just smoking all the time... it’s a way to raise awareness for the possibility/potential of legalization of marijuana as well as provide care to patients who need this miracle medicine. I figure if maybe I could touch a few people’s lives by entering Miss.Hightimes, then I already have the best prize of all.

I will be changing my pics and updating my blog periodically so check in and vote whenever you can or whenever you are high... haha!

And my badass friend,

AIM: driftandream25

Add me at: http://www.myspace.com/b_waggin

"I'll support your dreams; When we wake up smiling, It's because they came first"- R.I.P Jake Day

from MissHighTimes.com

Brittany was recently on Colorado's own Marijuana Radio! Check it out below!

Check out this excellent new episode.



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